Concrete pavements & linear elements

Concrete pavements and linear elements

Constant investment in modern techniques

Every concrete application requires its specific production methods, independent of road, f?iguratie – or? glijbekistingsbeton; Stadsbader always applies the most innovative production and installation technologies that do not know their equal.  For example, investments were made in de most advanced sliding falsework machines where rijbanen? With a width of max. 10 meter and a thickness of  40 cm can be installed in one step.

Furthermore, Stadsbader disposes of five concrete plants guaranteeing a constant supply of the construction sites.

Concrete pavements and linear elements

Optimum safety

Traffic safety with a clear focus on aesthetics is very important for Stadsbader. Thanks to a clear demarcation between parts of the roads by means of linear concrete elements, we guarantee at all time an optimum safety for the road user. From kerbs over watercourses to  Jersey-blocks; the possible shapes are endless and can be done without any problem.

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